Suspected WhatsApp breach and what you should do!

Please see update below from the Irish Data Protection Commission, and what you should do to protect your personal data.  “DPC Statement – WhatsApp Security Incident 14th May 2019 The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has been informed (Monday evening 13 May 2019) by WhatsApp Ireland of a serious security vulnerability on the WhatsApp platform. The DPC […]

Is your direct marketing lawful?

While all the talk over the past year has been in relation to GDPR, the recent case discussed below highlights the need to go back to basics when it comes to your marketing campaigns. Simple due diligence could save you money and your reputation! Facts Grove Pension Solutions Limited (Grove)used a third party to undertake a […]

Can SME’s really wait until the 29 March 2019?

Implement your fail-safe mechanism now! A big week in politics lies ahead, the same can also be said for data protection.  If a Brexit deal is secured then there will be no immediate change to data transfers between the EEA and UK. The rules will not change during the implementation period, so personal data can […]

Brexit – Get competitive advantage!

For the purposes of data protection, the UK will transitionally recognise all EEA states, EU and EEA institutions and Gibraltar as providing an adequate level of protection for personal data, allowing personal data to continue to flow to these destinations from the UK following its exit from the EU. The same will not be the […]

How safe is your Christmas present?

Advice on Connected Toys and Devices Interactive toys are on the top of many children’s Christmas list.  Some of these toys have the ability to interact with them, either directly or through an online ‘app’. While many of these toys provide educational experience, and while we don’t wish to sound like Scrooge, parents should consider the […]

Cybercrime – We are under attack!

Returning to Work: Is Your Business Legal by SME Comply

Introduction Cybercrime and cyber risk, like any other risk to your business, needs to be managed properly and considered a high priority risk for the internal compliance or legal team.  The biggest threat businesses face relates to client or customer information, such as: Clients personal data Financial information Payment and transactional information Personal details of […]

Deal or No Deal – the data protection implications of Brexit

There is considerable uncertainty regarding the future relationship between the UK and the EU in relation to data protection. This news blog sets out the options open to UK businesses after withdrawal from the EU whether with an agreement or not. The piece only considers UK/EU data flows and does not cover the rest of […]