ESG compliance: what are your environmental obligations?


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are on the agenda for all businesses these days. Bigger businesses have to report on their compliance but even if you run a smaller business, it pays dividends to invest in your ESG strategy. While there are three components to ESG, in this blog we focus on your environmental […]

Copyright, trademarks and patents explained

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You probably recognise copyright, trademarks and patents as types of intellectual property (IP). But how do you know if you need one in your business? We explain what each of these things is, and why you might need it. Copyright Copyright is granted automatically when you create original, tangible work such as a photograph, novel, […]

What is an LLP and when is it a good idea?

What is an LLP and when is it a good idea?

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a way to structure your business as a hybrid between a partnership and a limited company. As an LLP, your business has a separate legal personality. It can sign agreements, enter leases and offer fixed and floating charges over assets as security. Importantly, as its own legal entity, the […]

Unpicking IP: Protecting the Intellectual Property created in joint ventures

Unpicking IP: Protecting the Intellectual Property created in joint ventures

Intellectual property (‘IP’) can be one of the most valuable assets to a business. It refers to ‘creations of the mind’ such as literature, art and music. If your IP is protected, you can earn recognition and benefit financially from what you invent or create. But the intangible nature of ideas makes them difficult to […]

Legal considerations for AI use and development

The rise in artificial intelligence (AI) is gathering pace and more and more businesses are adopting forms of AI into their working practises. There is no set definition of AI, but it can be understood to be: technology that works together to enable machines to understand, learn and act with human-like levels of intelligence. Machine […]

Legal Implications of Chat GPT

Everyone’s talking about it. Chat GPT is the generative AI technology that interacts with users in a conversational way. And it has made quite the impact in the world of business. Buzzfeed has recently laid off 12% of its staff to incorporate using Chat GPT more frequently for content creation. Social media and mainstream media […]

Contracts every start up needs to get going

Contracts every start up needs to get going

The legal agreements every start-up needs in place before you begin trading You’re ready to hit the ground running on your new venture. Along with buckets of energy and enthusiasm, you also have a healthy dose of risk awareness. How will you protect your commercial interests as you set out? That’s our focus for this […]

Key terms to look out for in your SaaS agreement

Key terms to look out for in your SaatS agreemen

“Software as a service” or SaaS is increasingly popular as a way to licence certain software. You buy the right to use the software for a certain period, but it remains on the supplier’s servers, which you access through a cloud-based system. You might sign up to this sort of arrangement for access to Microsoft […]

Reasons why your company should have a shareholders’ agreement in place

Planning starts in the boardroom

When you’re starting your business, you’ve got ideas and tasks coming out of your ears. Do you really need to add “get a shareholders’ agreement in place” to your ever-expanding to-do list? Legally, you’re under no obligation to have a shareholders’ agreement in place. It’s not a compulsory requirement, like having articles of association. But, […]

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