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Commercial Templates

SME – Novation Agreement

SME – Trademark Licence Agreement

SME – Share Holder Agreement (basic)

SME – Cease and Desist Letter

SME – Distribution Agreement copy

SME – Share Purchase Agreement (Single)

SME – Online Terms of API Service B2B B2C

SME – Collaboration-Joint Venture Agreement

SME – Late Payment Letter

SME – Sub-Contracting Agreement

SME – Employment Contract (Basic)

SME – Asset Purchase Agreement (Simple)

SME – Cookie Policy

SME – NDA – mutual – individual

SME – NDA – mutual – company

SME – Partnership Agreement (short-form)

SME – T&Cs for Supply of Goods – B2C copy

SME – Website Terms of Use + Ecommerce Terms (Goods B2C)

SME – Website Terms of Use (basic )

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