Data Protection Advice

Access to your own data protection consultancy

Reduce risk. Build trust.

Trust and reputation are essential to your business.  However, lose your business data and you could lose both.


Be proactive and protect your business data by having a robust and structured compliance programme in place. Prevention is better than the cure, and we believe in implementing preventative tools such as internal procedures and systems, or preventative educational strategies, such as staff policies and awareness.


Sometimes though prevention is not possible, and we have to instead focus on ‘the cure’. For organisations experiencing a data breach or cyber-attack with no help at hand, we can provide immediate hands-on advice, help put systems in place to limit risk or exposure and devise a plan of action.

We can help with...

We can help with...

Preparing an inventory of data processing activities (now mandatory)

Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessment’s - DPIA (now mandatory in some cases)

Devising a breach policy and procedure (remember, certain breaches have to be reported within 72 hours)

Offering immediate assistance with data protection breaches or a cyber attack. 

Resolving any consent issues (drafting written consents/reviewing old consents)

Amending data processing/sharing agreements (and the implications of Brexit/no-deal Brexit on these agreements)

Preparing data protection and policies and procedures for staff to follow

Subject Access Requests (SAR) and data subjects rights