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We are a young and entrepreneurial consultancy, and provide legal services with a twist. As well as being DPO’s, we are also qualified business lawyers, with real business qualifications such as MBA’s. This means we can draw on a wider skillset, including legal expertise, cybersecurity, IT, strategy, marketing and business and project management.


Having this access to our wider team is a powerful solution whether you are based in the UK, the EU or further afield. We see compliance from the businesses perspective, and can bring legal and business skills to the boardroom to provide strategic compliance advice, creating competitive advantage for your organisation, all for a fixed monthly affordable price ensuring you remain in financial control.

Why should you appoint SME Comply as your external DPO?

We give clear, practical guidance. We understand business and won’t ‘over-lawyer’ you, like many traditional law firms, and you have the option to scale up or down your service as needed. You remain in financial control.

Protection From Risk

We can help you develop and implement your data protection strategy and future-proof your organisation through ongoing support services.

Peace Of Mind

Providing a quick response to personal data breaches and data problems with our out-of-hours 24/7 service, acting as an extension of your team to help resolve the issue, minimise risk and protect your reputation.

Cost Effective

Working closely with you to provide you with an all-inclusive tailored compliance and legal service for your data protection needs at a fixed monthly fee.

Legal And Business Expertise

We are business savvy lawyers who can see data protection issues from a business perspective.

So how does it work?

The ever growing field of legal compliance is premised on avoiding, rather than resolving, legal problems. We anticipate the needs of our clients and advise on containing and pre-empting legal risk at an early stage.


We will have a free, no obligation chat with one of our lawyers to discuss your current data protection setup and your main data protection requirements. We agree the number of days’ DPO support you need a month, tailoring the service to your specific company needs.


We will send you a Services Agreement with a Proposal document. Once approved, we will start onboarding and will designate your DPO and provide you with key contact details. We’ll also register as your DPO with the ICO.


We will then undertake a data protection audit either on-site or remotely using questionnaires to evaluate the current data protection status of your company.


Help you address any necessary measures identified during the data protection audit. Common practice involves reviewing the uploaded documentation with no meeting needed. The Manual Audit must be completed before an Implementation Audit can be initiated.


we will actively monitor and support your compliance with the UK GDPR and other data protection regulatory requirements. In addition to providing unlimited email and telephone advice, we will also engage with you by way of catch-up meetings with you and your key stakeholders.

Using SME Comply As Your SRI’s ‘Other Person’.

Under the UK’s Data Protection and Digital Information (No. 2) Bill (DPDI), the role of DPO is to be replaced with the new role of “Senior Responsible Individual” (SRI). While this Bill is making its way through Parliament, it is prudent for UK businesses to start preparing for the change.
The SRI must be an “individual” who is “part of the organisation’s senior management”. The new SRI will undertake all the statutory responsibility for the performance of a number of tasks including monitoring compliance, advising the controller of its obligations, training of employees, dealing with complaints, dealing with breaches and co-operating with the ICO.
However, the SRI is able to meet the requirements of their role by “securing that [their tasks] are performed by another person” and this is where we can help. We can act as the SRI’s ‘other person’, undertaking the day-to-day work and reporting back to the SRI, ensuring you stay on top of data protection compliance.

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