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Disciplinary & Dismissal

Disciplinary Procedure

Letter: disciplinary meeting date and reasons

Letter: notice of appeal meeting

Letter: notice of disciplinary meeting


Grievance Procedure

Invitation to grievance meeting

Invitation to grievance meeting – person against whom grievance is made


Appraisal Form

Customer service evaluation template

KPI assessment template

HR – absenteeism benchmark template

Development plan template

Staff Recruitment

Job description template

Person specification template

Recruitment advertisement template

Editable job application form

Shortlisting record template

Letter – invitation to interview

Letter – not shortlisted for interview

Induction plan

Letter – offer of employment

Person specification form

Reference request form

Staff Performance

Letter – to occupational health doctor requesting opinion on fitness to work

Capability procedure

Letter: final written warning – poor performance

Letter – first written warning – poor performance

Letter – poor performance – transfer to disciplinary action


Performance Review Form

Letter – verbal warning due to poor performance

Return to work interview

Letter – notice of performance improvement meeting


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