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We Have Experienced Lawyers With a Passion For Business.

Lawyers are often said to lack empathy and fail to see the business from the businesses’ perspective. Not us. We have a commercially astute lawyer and MBA graduate as our founder, who is able to bring his business acumen to the boardroom and be your pragmatic partner.

The benefits of our Outsourced Legal Counsel service include:
  • Strategic advice and guidance
  • Reduced headcount and costs
  • Reasonably priced
  • Price certainty and transparency
There are no recruitment fees and no long-term commitments. You have the option to scale up or down your service, as needed, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected legal bills. You remain in financial control.

Services Are Available For

We give clear, practical guidance. We understand business and won’t ‘over-lawyer’ you, like many traditional law firms, and you 

have the option to scale up or down your service as needed. You remain in financial control.

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One-off Projects

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An Influx Of Work

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On A Part-time Basis

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Your 'Lawyer On Demand'

Support For In-house Legal Departments

General Counsels’ principal job is to manage risk; anticipating problems before they arise. However, wwhat more and more do on a daily basis is ‘fire-fight’. 


We also understand the pressures that are on many legal departments to reduce their legal budget, some by as much as 30%-50%. What remains is an increasingly regulated and complex world, where the demand for legal help is increasing, while legal department funding is being cut.



We can support your in-house legal departments by acting as an extension to your existing team at affordable prices.


We can provide:

  • More capacity for a project or support mounting day-to-day work
  • Cover for employee absences
  • An expert in an area not covered by your team
  • Additional ‘Lawyers On Demand’ when you need them most
  • An extra pair of hands due to an influx of work
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Why Use Us?

We understand that businesses want results, solutions, outcomes and practical commercial guidance.
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Here Are Just Some Of The Reasons You May Want
To Outsource Your Legal Services

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