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Accessible, affordable and flexible - why we're so good at what we do!

If you have a problem, we are your solution.

We are passionate about providing accessible and affordable legal and compliance advice to SMEs and startups.

Access to experts

Our founder is educated to MBA level, and has accumulated over 15 years experience of  practising law in areas including serious fraud, regulatory, healthcare and privacy/data protection.

We have access to an extensive network of respected legal and regulatory experts, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best advice available.

Access to resources

SME Comply is available whenever you need us, working as an extended member of your legal and compliance or business advisory team.


We’re available to support you in a range of capacities, but regardless of whether it’s a short-term or long-term project, or even as your outsourced General Counsel, it will always be without the cost or inconvenience employing a new staff member.

Lawyers with business qualifications

While many lawyers lack empathy, and fail to put themselves in clients shoes and see the business from the clients perspective, we don’t. For example our founder, Gary O’Reilly, is an MBA graduate and has worked with countless SMEs and startups where he is able to bring his valuable business acumen to the boardroom.

Proactive not reactive

Conventional legal services are reactive in nature (in the sense that businesses resort to conventional lawyers for help when something has occurred).  We on the other hand are proactive. We anticipate the needs of our clients and advise on containing and pre-empting legal problems.

Access to affordable legal advice

Our fees are, and always will be, fixed and affordable, so you know exactly what your monthly outgoings are. No more surprise bills!

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