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The bad guys do not appoint Art.27 representatives

Counsel in a English High Court case regarding the role of Art. 27 representatives

Mr Baldo Sansó Rondón v LexisNexis Risk Solutions UK Limited [2021] EWHC 1427

The above quote is from the second case concerning Art 27 representatives in recent months. It is an area organisations need to be aware of following Brexit.

In another case in May 2021 the Dutch DPA imposed a fine of €525,000 on, a USA company for failing to appoint Art 27 representative. 

In a nutshell, if you want to continue to sell to your UK customers, or target UK customers then you may need to appoint a UK representative.

In the aforementioned case, the judge stated:

The appointment of a representative an important signal that the controller is engaging with the GDPR, understands its scope provisions, and accepts the conditionalities it imposes on its access to data and data subjects. It signals, in other words, a recognition of the bargain involved: the burden to be shouldered for the benefit to be gained. It is … a signal of good intent.

…Data subjects are basically entitled to two things: to have their data processed in accordance with the duties imposed on controllers (compliance), and to know who is doing what with their data  in the first place (transparency)

Don’t be a bad guy! Let us help with your Article 27 representative requirements.  You can call free (from anywhere) today by clicking the link below, or the widget on the bottom right of your screen.

Do you need a UK Represtative?

Are you confused as to whether of not your organsiation needs a UK Representaive? Follow our guide to find out …

Why use SME Comply?

We take the stress out of all your article 27 obligations. 


During onboarding we will dedicate time with your teams to obtain a high-level understanding of what personal data you process and your approach to compliance.


Our team of consultants and solicitors will support you in compiling your Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) pursuant to Article 30 of the GDPR/UK GDPR, if you do not already have one.  We will assist with updating your Privacy Policy to include the our Representative contact details.


All packages include free monthly advice on generic data protection issues or rapid legal guidance on matters such as a data breach or data subject access requests.

Our wide range of legal and business expertise allows us to bring knowledge to our interactions with regulators and individuals.

If more advice is needed then you will have access to SME Comply’s highly regarded data protection legal team who will work in conjunction with your in-house data protection team to offer seamless advice tailored to your business needs, as a traditional legal services and via our usual engagement terms.

Our UK Representatives Package Includes:

No set up fee

Full UK representative

Maintained RoPA (ART 30)*​

Dedicated point of contact (solicitor)

Access to GDPR e-learning course with certification ​

Access to free monthly data protection/legal advice

Access to our data protection portal containing essential downloadable documents, including: RoPA template; DPIA template; Essential policies/procedures and guidance material

This is a very good professional service, very pleased with both service levels & price.


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How our UK Representative service is a cut above the rest

How our UK Representative service is a cut above the rest

You can combine our services

Combined our UK rep service with any of our current services (excluding our Outsourced DPO service).

Professional reassurance

We are qualified privacy solicitors and Data Protection Officers, so you can feel reassured that these important obligations are being carried out professionally and diligently at all times.

Gain customer trust – customers will also feel reassured that you have appointed professionally qualified individuals to act on your behalf in the EU and UK. See for yourself – read our testimonials!

Help is always on hand

Free monthly data protection advice is included in the price.

Access to our resource library

Access to our client data protection portal, including access to our popular and highly rated GDPR e-learning course for your employees (with certificate upon successful completion).

We're cost effective

We offer comprehensive and tailored solutions that are designed to be competitively priced so that your business can flourish whilst retaining full peace of mind. 

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